Visitation is one of the most important features of child custody arrangements, especially for minor children. Children deserve to enjoy time with and the love of both parents, no matter how contentious a split between the parents might be. Enforcing visitation rights often becomes a legal matter sent to the hands of an experienced family law attorney at Perelmutter, Potash & Ginzberg, P.C., in Seymour, CT.

Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg

Helping clients work out an acceptable schedule of visitation that meets the needs of all parties is the goal of success in a visitation dispute managed by Attorney Jeffrey D. Ginzberg. As part of a divorce action, including visitation rules and rights is essential, but sometimes these agreements need to be modified or changed. Family members having problems with visitation need legal representation to ensure that all rules are met and that the situation benefits the children.

Fairfield Family Law Attorney

Visitation rights often involve more than just parents in a child custody agreement. Grandparents have rights to see their grandchildren, as do other family members. Your Fairfield Family Law Attorney at the law firm of Perelmutter, Potash & Ginzberg, P.C., will help you gain rights to visitation as allowed under Connecticut laws, even if it takes a trip to court to get that goal achieved. Attorney Jeffrey D. Ginzberg has been trying cases since 1980, and he understands how to help clients gain visitation rights through mediation, trial and settlement agreements.

Connecticut Visitation Lawyer

When you contact Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg, you can ask this Connecticut Visitation Lawyer for legal representation to enforce your rights to Visitation when they are denied, or if you need to modify a previous agreement about this matter. His extensive experience benefits your case, as he brings in-depth knowledge of psychology, justice and mediation to work for you.

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