Alimony is often the source of heated financial disputes between divorced or separated couples. It is highly advisable to get an experienced Connecticut Divorce Lawyer to provide skillful legal representation of your interests in mediation, arbitration or courtroom arguments over this issue.

Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg

In Seymour, CT, Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg has successfully helped clients settle contentious Alimony disputes for over 30 years. His vast experience with Family Law and Alimony issues is helpful for clients who need to agree upon monetary support (Alimony) following their divorce. When financial situations change, he is ready to step in on your behalf in negotiations for support modifications or adjustments. Alimony enables an ex-spouse to continue living in an accustomed manner while they move forward with their lives and have a better chance to improve their situation.

Seymour Family Law Attorney

In his practice as a Seymour Family Law Attorney, Jeffrey Ginzberg works closely with his clients, keeping them informed of their case progress and developments. He has gone to trial in state and local courts, argued cases before many judges and worked with other lawyers to help clients reach acceptable divorce financial arrangements, including child support and spousal alimony.

Connecticut Alimony Lawyer

As partner in the Connecticut Alimony Lawyer firm of Perelmutter, Potash & Ginzberg, P.C., Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg has gained extensive knowledge of state family and divorce laws. This is a valuable asset for his clients to use, as he helps them fight for their rights and reach settlements with their ex-spouse. His knowledge about all aspects of divorce, such as psychology, finances and support, is beneficial for clients, because they do not understand the complexities of reaching workable solutions in mediation or settlement negotiations.

For help with your Alimony situation, or to make changes in your current Alimony agreement, contact the Law Offices of Perelmutter, Potash & Ginzberg, P.C., Seymour, CT. Call (203) 888-2501 today, and make your appointment to meet with Connecticut Alimony Lawyer Jeffrey D. Ginzberg.