Why You Need A Connecticut Relocation Lawyer

After you’re divorced, and the judge has approved the custody and visitation arrangements, you and your ex have to abide by the order. For many families, this is easy to do until the custodial parent wants, or needs, to move to another state. Divorced couples can’t legally move their child out-of-state without first going through the relocation process. This isn’t a convenient law to obey, but to protect the rights of both parents, and in keeping with the best interest for the child, it must be obeyed.

We understand that there many be many good reasons for you to move to another state: leaving their home state due to educational, family and work opportunities are all instances in which Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg has defended the rights of parents in taking their child out-of-state. Likewise, the other parent may be taking the child away from you without cause. Attorney Ginzberg understands that both parents have rights and he’s ready to help you defend yours.

Relocating a child without court authorization, and getting the existing court order modified, is called a move-away. If the custodial parent takes the child out-of-state without going through the correct legal process, they are often required to return to their home state. This can be an expensive process, so it’s essential that both parents communicate with each other as to the reasons for leaving, and why the non-custodial parent opposes the move.

Work With Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg

If you’re the custodial parent and need to move out-of-state, or if your ex-partner is not going about the relocation process according to state law, you need a Connecticut relocation lawyer on your side. As a Waterbury family law attorney, you can be sure that Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg works with the child’s best interest in mind. Contact us today for assistance if you, or your child’s other parent, is planning a move so we can represent you in this process.