Family Law


Alimony is often the source of heated financial disputes between divorced or separated couples. It is highly advisable to get an experienced Connecticut Divorce Lawyer to provide skillful legal representation of your interests in mediation, arbitration or courtroom arguments over this issue. ... read more

Child Custody and Support

Child Custody and Support are issues that arise when parents decide to live separately, divorce or otherwise change their living situation, and there are minor children from that union. People cannot always agree on this issue, or amounts of monetary support needed, so they seek legal representation from Connecticut Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg to help them resolve these important matters. ... read more


Making the decision to end your marriage is never easy, no matter whether you've been together for three years or thirty. Going through a divorce is a major life change and one that needs to be handled by an experienced attorney with an excellent track record of achieving successful outcomes for their clients. Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg has helped hundreds of clients through the divorce process during his 33 years as a New Haven family law attorney. He understands the complexities and challenges of divorce, and will stand by you to ensure you get the best results possible. ... read more


If you're the custodial parent and need to move out-of-state, or if your ex-partner is not going about the relocation process according to state law, you need a Connecticut relocation lawyer on your side. As a Waterbury family law attorney, you can be sure that Attorney Jeffrey Ginzberg works with the child's best interest in mind. ... read more


Visitation is one of the most important features of child custody arrangements, especially for minor children. Children deserve to enjoy time with and the love of both parents, no matter how contentious a split between the parents might be. Enforcing visitation rights often becomes a legal matter sent to the hands of an experienced family law attorney with Jeffrey Ginzberg ... read more